Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Imitation Craft: Owl Quilt

I am a Chi Omega, and our symbol is the owl. One of my very best friends is my Chi Omega sister. We met through XO almost 15 years ago. We've been sisters, roommates, BFFs, bridesmaids in each other's weddings, and became mothers around the same time. In fact, we got married months apart from one another and both subsequently had two sons. (I had my twin boys and she had two single sons a year and a half apart.) But now she is pregnant with a little girl and I'm over the moon happy for her to have what we in the sorority world refer to as a "Legacy".

I have made quilts for all of her children (her two sons and her step-daughter), so I knew I was going to make a quilt for child #4. It only took me a few minutes of browsing through pinterest before I happened upon the perfect design!
What a perfect, sweet, little baby quilt for a Chi Omega legacy!

I wanted to find some owl fabric to incorporate, so I started at One of the things I love about Spoonflower (other than the ability to customize fabrics!) is that you can search pretty specifically for the design and color you want. I was able to search for owls patterns that used bright pink and green. And many patterns (including the one I settled on) have collections that go together. (However, I ended up just getting the owl fabric because it does add up quickly, but if I had unlimited re$ources, I would have ordered from the collection). Some Spoonflower owl fabrics

Once I got the perfect owl fabric, the rest was easy. What do you think?

And, following with my recent tradition, I also made Baby P a XO legacy onesie to match my BFF's alumni tshirt (that I also made).

And, I realized that I had never made a legacy tshirt for her step-daughter (because she came into our lives a little older), so I went ahead and made one for her too. So now their whole family has matching letters. :)

And because we have another sister who is also expecting a little girl, I made one for her baby too. :)