Thursday, January 2, 2014

Disney 2014

This was the first time in 7 years of marriage, and the first time in my sons' lives, that we spent Christmas at home! It was wonderful for my boys to wake up in their own beds and come out to our own living room and open presents around our own tree!

However, a few days after my parents and brother left to go home, I also experienced my first bout of post-holiday sadness. I think I usually don't feel this, because at the end of a vacation I'm usually so anxious to get home to my own creature comforts, that that wins out over any potential sadness of the trip ending. But this time I just had to sit and stew about how sad I was for my family to leave, and I literally spent the day in bed alternating between crying and sleeping.

My husband, who gets this often, suggested that I focus on the next big thing in our I took his advice! And to battle my sadness, I started thinking about our Walt Disney World Vacation that is 4 months and 23 days away!

Free Disney Vacation Countdown Tickers

When my family went to Disney last year, I made us all matching tshirts. And I liked it so much (not only is it cute, but it was also very helpful when a kid wandered off, because people could identify us as a group and say "he went that way!"), so I am making tshirts for all four days for our entire family!

The day we go to Magic Kingdom, we will wear traditional matching Mickey/Minnie heads (will be done using applique and embroidery):

The day we go to Epcot, we will wear colored tees with different character silhouettes (will be done using the freezer paper method):

For Animal Kingdom, I originally proposed tie-dye tees with Mickey heads, but I was overruled by my teenage/early 20s nephews. So instead, we are doing black shirts with animal fabric Mickey heads.

And the day we go to Hollywood Studios, we will wear Star Wars inspired tees (my favorite!), using the good old fashioned iron transfer method: