Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baseball Bat Coat Rack

One of the first things I added to my Boys' Room Re-do Ideas pinterest board was this baseball bat coat rack from Potterybarn ($75):

We decided to make our own version.

1. I asked Superman's dad to dig in the basement for one of his old wooden bats. He brought me a very old one with a small crack in the back (making it unusable). The color was not great, so I cleaned it really well, then put a quick coat of stain on it from just a random can we had in the garage. ($0).
You could choose to spray paint if you want a bolder color.

2. Then we ran to Menards and picked up some all purpose hooks: three packages of 2 hooks at $4 each.  ($12)

And a pack of hangers from the picture hanging sections. ($3).

3. Then we measured out then drilled 6 holes evenly across the bat. Then we screwed the all purpose hooks in. (We did have to cut down two of the hooks for the skinniest area/handle of the bat.)

4. Then we attached the hangers (show above) on the back.

5. The hung the bat.

6. Then hung the boys' robes and towels on their new baseball bat coat rack!

Voila!  Total cost: $15.  Total time to make: about an hour.


  1. Just wondering if you had any pictures of the hangers you used to hang the bat. It's not fully clear on the website. I'm looking to do this for my sons room. Thanks so much!

  2. And a pack of hangers from the picture hanging sections. ($3). 3. Then we ...