About me

My name is Amber, and I'm 30-something.

I am an avid crafter. I have been getting in trouble for stealing my mom's craft supplies since I could walk. I love scrapbooking albums of my kids, making personalized quilts for my friends' new babies, and reading craft magazines and blogs.

I work full time at university, but dream of a day where I can somehow make a living doing what I love...

I started my etsy store, Do It Myself, because my friends and family were always commenting that they loved the homemade gifts I made for my kids and their children's birthdays, but that they would never have the time or talent to make that stuff themselves.  So, if you can't do-it-yourself, let me Do It Myself for you!

I also like that it plays on the fact that I tend to copy other people's DIY projects a lot. I get all my best craft ideas from Pinterest!  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

I grew up mostly on the east coast, but live in the midwest now. I've done some pretty cool things in life, but my proudest accomplishment is being the mom to twin boys. One of my favorite quotes about motherhood, which I think sums me up is: "I was a much better mother before I became a mom." I think you just have to learn to laugh about it and be the happiest mom you can be.  I write about my trials of being a mom on my other blog: Twinfamous.