Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween 2015

As I've discussed in previous posts, I LOVE Halloween. I LOVE making homemade costumes for my boys and myself. This year, my sons wanted to be characters from their current favorite video game: Five Nights at Freddy. Thing 1 wanted to be "Nightmare Bonnie" (which is a tattered and scary version of the regular Bonnie) and Thing 2 wanted to be Foxy the Pirate.

These costumes were great fun to make. It took a lot of craft foam, fleece, and hot glue, and I'm really happy with how they came out.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Throw Pillows - Pinterest Project

Last week, my MIL handed down a gently used sofa and love seat to us. We really needed a new set, but were reluctant to invest in something new, seeing as we still have two very spill prone and messy 7 year old boys! We had been trying to make due with new slip covers, but the key word is SLIP, as in they kept slipping out of place. Anyway, I digress...

New-to-us love seat and couch

I LOVE throw pillows. The more the better. I use them to prop, to lean, the cuddle, to nap on... And I especially prefer the look of lots of random throw pillows over the matchy-matchy-came-with-the-sofa throw pillows. I have had for a while, this vision of making lots of throw covers for all of my throw pillow in cool, unique, matching AND contrasting styles. In fact, I even made a pinterest board called Throw Fluffies where I've been saving up these ideas.

Getting the new set last week was the perfect excuse I needed to start working on this goal. First up: animal silhouette pillows. A while back, I found a blog where someone did her own copy-cat version of a throw pillow design she found at Restoration Hardware, and I really liked them.

Original Restoration Hardware version

Version by

I decided that I'd like to copy her copycat version, making my own version of a gray cat for my cat Persy and a black cocker spaniel for our dog McGarrett.

Persy pillow

McGarrett pillow

I love how they came out! And I can't wait to tackle some of my other throw pillow ideas!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Anniversary Quilt

Remember when I made all those matching tshirts for my family's trip to Disney to celebrate my sister and her husband's 25th wedding anniversary? Well, for Christmas, my sister requested I turn those tshirts into a memory quilt for her and her husband.

Her favorite combo of colors are purple and black, so I used those as the main filler colors and for the backing and binding. She loves this full-sized quilt and it now adorns the bed in her guest bedroom.