So you want me to make a t-shirt quilt for you?

Pricing t-shirt quilts is not an exact science, however, the following is the formula I use to determine pricing: (Length + height) x $2.50

For example, I just made a quilt for someone who sent me 21 tshirts (of those 15 had designs on both sides and 6 were one sided...most of the designs were pretty large). This led to a quilt that was 72"x72". (72 + 72) x $2.5 = $360.

This price includes the cost of materials and my time and effort. There will be extra charges for added services, such as embroidering or shipping. (I ship U.S. only).

Because the quilts aren't necessarily made in standard quilt size (unless you request it), and are rather made to accommodate the number of tshirts you provide me, I can't give exact amounts. However, here are some sample prices based on standard quilt sizes:

Typical Sizes  Approximate # of shirts*  Cost
 Lap  48" x 48"  15-20  $168
 Twin 60" x 84" 20-35 $360
 Full 84" x 92" 30-40 $440

*Count shirts with two large designs on each side as 2 shirts when estimating size.

I accept cash, check or PayPal.

If you choose to pay with a check or cash, half of the approximate price of the quilt is due upon ordering the quilt.

Your final payment is due when the quilt is finished. I will not ship the quilt until the full payment has been received.

All sales final.

25% discount is given for K-12 public school teachers. Valid ID or paystub required for verification.

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