Saturday, August 4, 2012

Removable TShirt Throw Pillows

Hi! Remember me?

Since my last post, I....

  • finished my online class
  • took a vacation to Myrtle Beach
  • went school supply shopping
  • have been watching lots of Olympics
  • am trying to enjoy the last days of summer by spending a lot of time at the pool! 
Unfortunately, that means I haven't had a lot of time to craft.  Actually, my craft table became the "pile everything here that needs to eventually be dealt with" spot, and for about two weeks I couldn't have told you what color it was...but this morning I finally cleared it off!  Yay!

Todays project: Tshirt throw pillows to match their quilts.

A few weeks back, Superman happened on a box of miscellaneous baseball tshirts in the basement.  At the time, I was actually a little ticked off, since I had actually had to go to goodwill and buy extra tshirts in order to make the quilts the right sizes.  He found enough shirts that I wouldn't have needed the goodwill shirts! Which upset me because #1 I wouldn't have had to pay for those shirts (sure they were $1-$2 a piece, but that adds up!) and #2 I had wanted as much of the quilt to be authentically OUR shirts as possible. But oh well...he suggested I make ANOTHER baseball quilt to take to the minor league games with us (for sitting on in the outfield) which would actually be good advertisement if I really want to start selling them. 

But, before I did that, I wanted to pull two out and cover the throw pillows from their old beds.

Here's how they came out...

I've made tshirt throw pillows before, but not removable covers.  I've since decided I should only ever make them removable...because, um, I have kids!  So these are removable.

I was going to write a whole tutorial on how to make this, but a quick google search and I found this great tutorial which is very similar to what I did. So, I decided not to reinvent the wheel. :)

But I will add the two things I did differently, that I would suggest if you are making one out of tshirts.

1. Quilt the top. Tshirts (especially if they've been worn) can be pretty thin, so I quilted mine with some scrap white jersey I had and some super light batting.

2. Double up the flaps. In the tutorial given, her flaps are a single layer with a hem...I actually double mind up, so that they were sturdier.

I can't wait to post some pictures of the finished room soon!

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