Saturday, September 8, 2012

Los Luchadores

I got my sewing machine back! Yay! A quick trip to the sewing machine doctor for a tune-up was just what it needed.

Within hours of having it home, my neighbor approaches me..."Could you make me some lunchador masks for a competition we are having at work?"

What's a luchador? You've seen Nacho Libre, right? (If you haven't, you need to! I ♥ Jack Black!)

A few hours later, she brought over bags of bright, colorful, and shiny fabrics along with some images of the kinds of masks she was looking for...and we started cutting and sewing.

And voilĂ ...a few hours later we had El Zorro de Plato (The Silver Fox), El Destructor (The Destroyer), and Megavatio (Megawatt...her work is an energy company :)

I think they turned out great!

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