Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cheesy Christmas Presents

Every Christmas I try to come up with new, cute, cheesy Christmas presents for the grandparents.

I've done personalized plates, personalized aprons, personalized watches, personalized name it. And now that my boy are 5, I'm running out of ideas. Oh no!

But, I have a few ideas left in me...because this year I came up with: Personalized Oven Mitts!

There are tons of tutorials on the web, but I just free-handed it.  This is how I did it:

1. Drew a mitt and traced my son's hand in the middle.

2. For each side of the mitt, you actually have to cut out at least 3 layers: the outside, the lining, and the insulation. I just used some left over 100% cotton quilt batting, so I cut two layers of that. (They sell actual oven mitt batting that is more heat resistant, but I decided two layers of the cotton stuff would be fine for our purposes.) 

3. Quilt the three layers together.

4. Add any embellishment (embroidery, applique, etc).

5. Bind the bottom of the glove. (I've seen the binding done two ways, like this, or at the end, after stitching the two sides together. I decided to try this way, because it looked easier.)

6. Once both sides are finished, lay both right sides together than stitch around.

7. Option, if you want to add a loop to hang it by, you need to add it right now. Remember, lay the loop part between the two right sides.

8. Pin around the edges. Then stitch around. And then cut the excess loop material.
 9. Turn inside out and Voila!

If you let them pick out the material and the design, they will be so proud of the gift they've made for her!