Thursday, January 17, 2013

Little girl apron

I raided the fabric closet again!

This time, I used two pretty floral fabrics and a solid pink to make a sweet little dress apron for a little girl. 

Like the Garden Party dress, I did this without a pattern or tutorial, so I'm pretty proud of how it turned out.

In fact...I think I need a big girl version of this for myself!!
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If you have a little girl in your life that would like a personalized skirt apron, you can win one in my first ever Free Giveaway Contest!

1. Like my Facebook page.

2. Share the link to the Giveaway contest on your own Facebook page.

3. And finally, comment on this blog post with the name and color scheme you'd like for your little lady.

I'll put all names who do all three into a hat and draw a random winner.

Contest ends January 31.

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Click to make bigger
Update: Here are some pictures of the aprons in action...


  1. Love this! Emyli and I would love matching aprons! That girl constantly talks about needing her apron everytime we go in the kitchen, but she doesn't have a proper apron. She'd love one! Anything pink and purple would delight her!

  2. Well with Addy having her own...Lucy needs one too! I love that blue so it would definitely have to be embroirded in the royal blue.

  3. I have a 6 1/2 year old niece named Brianna who loves pink. Even if we don't win, I'd be interested in buying one from you for her birthday in April. Leanna M.

  4. My 4 year old daughter Marlee would love a purple sparkly apron. Anything that is sparkly or vibrant in color!
    Thanks Rachelle McCurry

  5. My daughter Katherine would love anything pink or purple and she loves sparkles!

  6. Jocelyn would love an apron! Anything purple would be a big hit with her!