Saturday, May 25, 2013

Upcycled Men's Dress Shirt

So, everyone knows I love:

1. Upcycling old clothes
2. Pinterest
3. Making dresses

So, brining my three loves together, this morning I made a toddler dress that I found on Pinterest out of my husband's old dress shirt.

Here is the original dress that I based it on:
And here is my version:

I started with this shirt: (My husband is a teacher, and apparently he can't wear this shirt anymore, since it is the colors of the rival high school in town. My gain!)

Cut it up:

Repositioned the pocket:

I was going to do a full tutorial of what I did, because I did do it slightly differently than the original (for instance, I made the top portion buttonable), but I forgot to take pictures during the steps. Whoops!  So, just enjoy my little recipient and her modeling cuteness! 

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