Monday, January 30, 2012

Car Organizer: 1st attempt

Pinterest is just an evil place.  It's like a vortex that sucks me in and says: you must make this project NOW!

Saturday night I saw this car organizer tutorial and thought to myself: Self, your van could really use one of these.

So naturally, I spent a few hours on Sunday afternoon whipping two up for the old family truckster.

When I was finished, I proudly held them up to Superman, anxiously awaiting the bravo and accolades I just knew where coming, but instead, I heard him say Why aren't they gray?

See, one of the points of crafting something like this is to make something useful but for little or no money...(this was no money).  So I just used some flannel scraps I had in my craft closet.  I really didn't think of looking for fabric to match the van's interior (that would have cost money and a trip to the fabric store!).  And I certainly didn't think Superman would care.

But now that they are in the vehicle, I do think I will eventually make some gray ones.  Not because they don't match, but because I will change a few things in my design next time.  Namely:

  1. Material - The tutorial did suggest medium weight material, like twill.  I used flannel (literally cut up a fitted flannel sheet).  It is thicker than say jersey or quilter's cotton, but it is not that firm and looks a little saggy in places.
  2. Pocket size - The top pockets are too deep.  Besides the colored pencils, which are pretty tall, everything sinks to the bottom, and I thus are a little difficult for little hands to reach down into.  So, I'll make the top pocket about 2 inches shorter and raise it about an inch.
  3. Personalization - I am the queen of impatience, so once I decided to make it I just wanted to get it done.  So, I didn't take any time to put little cutesy touches on it.  I'm thinking next time embroidering on some labels, for instance labeling the big pocket "Book", a small pocket crayons, etc. Of course the boys can't read (yet!), but it would a. look cute and b. help Superman know where to put stuff when picking things up off the floor. :)
  4. Color - Okay, I'll admit it would look better gray.  So, I'll keep my eye out at the remnants counter at JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby.

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