Monday, January 30, 2012

Easy peasy DIY cake stands

So, I have been really digging all of the thrift store crafty cake stands popping up all over pinterest.  In fact, I started a new board just for the cake stands I see and like.

What I like about this craft is that it is a. super fast, b. super cheap, and c. super practical.

So, I am on the Parent Advisory Board of Thing 1 and Thing 2's preschool.  As the crafty mom on the board, I usually come up with the ideas for the gifts and tokens of appreciation for the teachers.  And since Valentine's Day is coming up, I decided it was the perfect time to try out making one of these uber cute stands.

I visited the local goodwill and found 2 matching plates and one slightly smaller coordinating plate (@ 1.99 each).  Then I found a little blue ceramic candle stick holder (.99) and a slightly taller crystal candle stick holder (.99).  I was disappointed at the overall lack of candle stick holders.  In my mind, the thrift store would have dozens and dozens of discarded candle stick holders to choose from, but in reality, I chose these two because they were two of only four that I could find.  My other choices were a short fat brass one and a square wooden one.

Anyway, I brought them home and scrubbed them all really well.  Then let them dry.  Then, I got out my trusty gorilla glue (most tutorials I've read recommended using gorilla glue because it is strong and waterproof, so you can wash the stands) and glued the small candle stick to the bottom of one of the matching plates and then crystal candle stick to the top of the other.  Then I taped them down with painters' tape and placed my college Shakespeare anthology on top of one and my collection of Jane Austin book on top of the other.  After about 2 hours, I untaped the crystal candle stick and then glued it to the bottom of the slightly smaller coordinating plate, to achieve a double tiered cake stand.

On Valentine's Day, we are going to load these plates up with chocolates, cookies, cupcakes, and other treats and put them in the staff room at the school.

And the best part: after Valentine's Day, the school can reuse these stands in class.  For instance, Thing 1 and Thing 2's class has a tea party every Monday morning.  How cute would these look on their table filled with tea pots and tea cups?!

UPDATE: Here is a pic of the cake stands in action!

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