Monday, April 9, 2012

Chi Omega Quilt: Completed

As I mentioned before, I've been working on a college/sorority tshirt quilt for one of my Chi Omega sisters.  Well, it's finished!

Katie sent me 33 t-shirts (actually, I think it was 8 sweatshirts and 25 tshirts!) and her White Carnation formal gown to make into a quilt.

The final dimensions came out to 84 inches long x 68 inches wide.

ODU Sweatshirt.  Go Monarchs!

One of Katie's baby shirts.

Chi O forever.

Another shirt from when Katie was a kid.

Close up of some free motion quilting.

Katie asked that I include a block that shows that this was made by one of her sorority sisters.  I thought the white carnation was a subtle touch.

The back.  I chose a blue back with silver trim, because those are ODU's colors.

Close ups of the back view of the free motion quilting.

I hope she loves it and cherishes it for years to come!

Update:  Katie loves her quilt!

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