Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chi Omega Quilt

About a month ago, one of my Chi Omega sisters saw my college quilt on Facebook and said: "Ew, would you make one for me?!"

Then a few weeks later, I received two boxes of tshirts in the mail.

It was really fun working with Katie's shirts because there were so many that I remembered!  Some were shirts I had myself and had put into my own quilt (like the bid day shirt from the rush where Katie officially became a New Member (aka Pledge)) and some were just shirts I can vividly remember her wearing in college.

But Katie likes to keep me on my toes, so she sent not only her favorite tshirts, but a few sweatshirts, and her White Carnation formal gown!!  It was fun (and a little challenging) to work with the jersey material with the sweatshirt material and satin and lace.

The top is now all sewed together.  The next step is finding the perfect backing material, and then quilting!

Click to enlarge