Monday, October 24, 2011

Almost done

Halloween is almost upon us.  Time to get together the finish pieces of the boys' costume.

We liked having the wagon with us so much last year that we decided to refashion the Thomas the tank engine into a hot dog cart.

Because I'd been using the wagon as a garden cart, and it'd been left out in the backyard all summer, and was completely waterlogged (yea, we didn't make it with very good wood), we had to rebuild the bottom and sides.

Then we spray painted it a shiny metallic silver and resprayed the wheels and handles black.

Finally we painted the sides.  And what hot dog cart is complete without an umbrella?

We are finally all ready for Halloween.  And not a moment too soon, because tomorrow there is a Trick or Treating event in town along fraternity/sorority row that we plan on hitting up!  First time with all of the costumes together!  Can't wait to take some pictures.

Updated pictures:


  1. YOu put the rest of us to shame.

  2. So cool!! And yes i agree tbey definitely put most of us to shame! I always love watching what you come up with. Cant wait to see pictures.

  3. I get it from my mom. She always made the most amazing and creative homemade costumes. I gotta keep the tradition alive. Plus, I just really like making things. :)

  4. Very cool! I love the wagon idea too, makes things a wee bit easier...but I'm not about to turn our wagon into anything, but a "radio flyer wagon" ; )

  5. Forgot to tell you earlier how much I love that you made the ketchup "Heinz" atta girl!

  6. Sarah, the "wagon" began as an old busted up wagon from his parents's back 40. In fact, the sides were all broken apart and the wheels/axles were no longer attached to base. We took the whole thing with the intention of fixing it, but decided it was too busted up. So instead, I just used different scrap wood for the base and some old paneling for the sides (of the Thomas). (P.S. The original slatted wagon sides are what I made the coat rack out of a few blogs back.) But, because we used the cheap compressed wood as the base and were stupid and left it outside this summer, we had to re-do the dang thing this year.

    But yes, having the wagon is mostly functional. My boys get tired and want to be carried... But, it also is nice that it ties their matching costumes together.