Friday, October 28, 2011

Up-Cycled Sweater Dress version 2.0

Okay, I forgot to take a photo of the before.  But this was a big bulky sweater with a HUGE turtleneck.  I was able to cut it down and make the neck more like a mock-turtleneck.  It ended up being pretty short (it'd been badly shrunken), but it will still make for a great long sweater over a pair of itty-bitty skinny jeans!

Then I crocheted a rose for the shoulder.  Adorable!

For the record, Thing 1 will be a great model one day.  He is not picky about what I put on him!

Update:  Here is a picture of the actual little lady the sweater was made for with her wearing it!  Doesn't she look darling.


  1. I love it! Maggie would look adorable in a dress like that! I suppose I should figure out how to use my sewing machine : )

  2. It's seriously ridiculously easy to do this stuff! I'm by no means talented. :) And I'm completely self taught...and I did it in the days before youtube. With'd be a cinch to learn. I consult it often for special stuff (ruffles, blind hems, etc).