Wednesday, February 1, 2012

T-shirt Quilt, take 2

It's amazing how quickly I can put a project together when I'm in the right mood!

My college/sorority/grad school/etc tshirt quilt is almost done!  I just have to put on the binding, and then I'm finished!

Quick tip: To save time on cutting/sewing a backing together, I went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and found a set of red Twin XL Pure Beech® Jersey Knit Sheets on sale for 19.99, and then used my $5 off purchase of $15 or more coupon (so if you do that math, I got the sheet sheet set for $14.99 plus tax!).  And it was already the perfect size for my quilt!  I just had to trim it up a bare minimum after basting the layers together.

I've never bought jersey from JoAnne/Hobby Lobby before, but I'm going to guesstimate that it is about 4.99/yard(?!?).  And I would probably have had to buy 4 yards, because I'm assuming the width wouldn't be long enough on it's own.  Then I would have had to sewn 2 yards to 2 yards to make a bigger block.  So, that would have been 19.96, but if I had a 40% off coupon, it would have ended up around $12.  But, here is why my sheets set is STILL a better deal... I still have a whole fitted sheet and pillow case left over!!  Not to mention I saved time!

I can think of a million things to do with all of that extra (and did I mention how super soft it is?) bright red fabric.  In fact, I have a certain maxi dress tutorial pinned right now, that I think would look great in red.

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