Monday, February 20, 2012

T-Shirt Quilt Tutorial: Optional

Finally, now that you have completed your t-shirt quilt, you might want to label it somehow.

There are a few different options.
  1. Custom labels (like shown above).  Read more about custom labels here and here.
  2. You can buy some generic labels from the craft/fabric store.
  3. You could print out a label on iron transfer paper and iron it on.
  4. Or, you could just write your name and date made on the back of the quilt with a permanent marker.
And if this is a special quilt, to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, or graduation, etc.  You might want to include either a block on the front (embroidered or iron transfered).

Or if it doesn't fit in with the theme, you can put one on the back side.

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