Saturday, February 18, 2012

T-Shirt Quilt Tutorial: Step 6

The best advice I can give for piecing together the top is....TAKE YOUR TIME!

Make sure when you are sewing that your t-shirts are facing the right direction.

Also, jersey is a very stretchy fabric, so be careful not to pull one side too hard, which will make it longer than the other side.

My advice for piecing together the top can best be said by a modified version of the old wood working adage "Measure twice and cut once".  I line up the pieces how I think I'm going to sew them.  Then do it again.  I always double check that it will sew as I imagine, because while it adds some time, it's less time than having to rip out a wrongly sewn seem.

Then, eventually, you will have this.... a completed quilt top.

Next: Pinning (top, batting, and backing)

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